3 Myths on 5G Debunked

5G will change the industry in positive and significant ways, but don't believe everything you hear about it.

A lot has been written about 5G and its promise for changing the world -- a world with unlimited bandwidth everywhere, where everything is connected, and cars drive us. But beyond the hype and hyperbole, a few myths have crept up, some even encouraged by carriers.

The progression from 0G to 5G isn't a linear journey of small improvements. It's a crazy zigzag of major changes in technology and standards, as well as seismic shifts in the carrier space. As a result, we've seen fundamental changes in how people live, work, and play -- yet we're still at the early stages of understanding the implications to the business world and society at large.

So it's no wonder things get complicated when we start talking about a new-generation network, and that's exactly what 5G is -- a new generation, not an upgrade from one to the next.

Let's take a few minutes to discuss the three most prevalent myths surrounding 5G.

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