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The Excessive Need for Virtual Reality: Why Now?

Until COVID-19, VR was a solution looking for a problem. Today, we are facing a big problem that needs an even bigger solution, one that VR can address.

The year was 1994. Bill Clinton was president, “The Sign” by Ace of Base was the number one song (a bad year for music), and I was just getting started in the telecommunications industry. America Online (AOL) was mailing out CDs to access its service via dial-up modems, cell phones were only starting to catch on, and we actually got excited when we received an email. Fun times.

In 1994, we also got a glimpse into the tech future in the form of the Hollywood blockbuster movie, Disclosure. One of the key subplots of the movie is the virtual reality (VR) system Michael Douglas’ company was developing, at a time when nobody knew what VR was. For most of us, this was our first visual exposure to the subject.


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