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Facebook Workrooms: Welcome to the Metaverse

Facebook makes its case for a VR-infused future of work.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made it no secret that Facebook’s future is in the metaverse. On an earnings call in July, he stated: “In addition to being the next generation of the Internet, the metaverse is also going to be the next chapter for us as a company. And in coming years, I expect people will transition from seeing us primarily as a social media company to seeing us as a metaverse company.”

This prompted a lot of buzz on the Internet, as reaction ranged from “what is the metaverse” to “is this something we really want Facebook to do?” In my previous No Jitter post on VR, I discussed the importance of VR as a collaboration tool in the workplace and why I believe it is becoming a vital part of communications technology. So, I was very interested in this announcement as this move validates the notion that the trend of using VR for work is indeed real and gaining momentum.

Click here for the rest of the story on nojitter.

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