Move Over RFP -- Make Way for the New Model

Communications manufacturer upheaval and evolving enterprise requirements are putting the RFP out of fashion.

These are not easy times for healthcare CIOs. On top of the dozens of other major projects on their slate, their aging PBXs that are ticking away are now ticking louder. And not the ticking of a fine-tuned machine, but the ticking of the clock as it begins the countdown to the great recycling center in the sky (better known as eBay).

In the old days (say a few years ago) you would hire a consultant to write an RFP, throw it on the street, rate the proposals (probably go with the cheapest), and move on. While that is a bit simplistic, this is pretty much how business has been done for decades. But things are changing fast and the old models are breaking down for two key reasons: manufacturer upheaval and evolving requirements.


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