Snowpocalypsemaggedonjam 2014

When Atlanta got hit with the recent snowstorm, did communications hold up better than the roads?

Usually, I would say greetings from Hotlanta. But in the last week of January, Hotlanta became #Hothlanta.

In case you missed it, Atlanta, was completely shut down by a winter storm on January 28. A relatively small snowstorm caught the city off-guard, as a combination of sticky snow, untreated roads, and unprepared schools and businesses caused the worst gridlock the city has ever seen. And while many of our friends to the north scoff at our driving abilities down here (and rightfully so), the scene was serious: Kids trapped at schools, people trapped in their cars or offices, and traffic at a complete standstill. There was even a report of a baby delivered on Interstate 285.

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