Does Mitel Have 'A Killer App' in the Making?

With its ability to leverage inputs from communication channels with IoT devices, Mitel's Workflow has the potential to grow into a killer UCaaS solution.

While I‘ve attended many Mitel events over my 25-year long career, the 2019 Consultant and Analyst Summit held a few weeks ago in Dallas was my first event in my new role as an industry analyst. So, the lens I viewed the event through was more strategic than product-focused as in years past, being more concerned about where Mitel is headed than the state of the current product portfolio in 2019.

I think I’ll always think like a consultant first, though, and zero in on solutions that solve real problems, which in turn have the potential to drive big-picture industry trends. In today’s competitive landscape, I go into events looking for serious innovation that can serve as a market differentiator.

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