Navigating Disruption, Synergizing with Tech

Organizations need to realign processes and workflows to match the capabilities of new tools.

Disruption by its very nature isn't something you can avoid. It isn't something your business can opt out of if you don't want to go through the pain of reorienting. Or if you do opt out, there are eventually serious consequences.

Over the last few decades that I have been in the enterprise communications space, we have seen a lot of changes. The biggest up to this point was the transition to VoIP. While this transition was difficult for some on the inside and reshaped the industry somewhat, the technology itself didn't really alter communications processes in a way that was truly disruptive. In other words, the change, while fundamental, under the covers mimicked the functionality of the digital telephony world. Which, by the way, pretty much mimicked the functionality of the analog telephony world. One of the big selling points as VoIP came into maturity was it supported the same functionality as a traditional PBX.

Read the rest on to see what this has to do with wine.

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